Connor McDavid has issued a statement on Ken Holland's recent decision

Published August 4, 2023 at 9:02

It is often said that family should stick together, and this is exactly what Connor McDavid will be doing now. His former agent, Jeff Jackson, has been appointed as the CEO of Hockey operations for the Edmonton Oilers.

McDavid has spoken highly of Jackson and is familiar with his work, having worked together for an extended period of time prior to Jackson's new role.

MCDAVID'S Statement

As for McDavid's representation, Judd Moldaver will take over his agent responsibilities for the time being.

Meanwhile, one of Jackson's primary objectives is to secure the signing of defenseman Evan Bouchard, who has previously scored 40 points.

Before accepting the position, Jackson worked at Wasserman Hockey Agency and was considerate of McDavid's position during the transition. It appears that Darryl Katz is focused on long-term success with this hire, as Ken Holland will report to Jackson, who in turn reports to Katz.

Agents need to possess the necessary influence within the league to secure trades and contracts, so it is clear that Katz is relying on Jackson's expertise to bring success to the team.
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Connor McDavid has issued a statement on Ken Holland's recent decision

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