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Referees Make Yet Another Brutal Mistake at a Crucial Time in game

Published January 7, 2024 at 1:04 PM
Refereeing in the NHL recently has been a hot topic among sports media and fans alike. There have been many missed calls, fake calls, and just general inconsistencies within the officiating of the league. This has been shown in many different clips of games, with yet another frustrating missed call come in the New Jersey Devils vs Vancouver Canucks game last night.

With the game within one as the Devils were on the powerplay, you can see Luke Hughes attempt to break out of his own zone. That's when J.T. Miller comes in on the forecheck to try and prevent Hughes from having too much space, but as he tries to attack the puck you can see him clearly stick his leg out and trip up Hughes. This penalty was not called however, and the Devils would go on to then give up an empty net goal, losing the game.

If the refs had got the call right and called a penalty on Miller for tripping, the devils would have been on a 5 on 3, which is a massive boost to scoring chances. If they scored on the 5 on 3, they would have been given a massive momentum shift for tying the game, and may have scored on the subsequent powerplay to take the lead. If the refs had just made the right call this game could have had a totally different story, but instead the Devils get punished by the incompetence of the refs on the ice.

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Referees Make Yet Another Brutal Mistake at a Crucial Time in game

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