Cousins turtling in front of Erik Gudbranson.
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Kevin Bieksa Calls Out Panthers player For Being a Rat

Published January 7, 2024 at 8:00
Recently in the NHL, there has been a huge issue with the ability of players to know how to throw, and take a hit. The art of hitting in the NHL has been mostly lost, and players are left to try to interpret what the rules will and won't allow you to do. Some players will try to get involved in the physicality of the players, and will end up committing infractions that can seriously threaten injury for other players.

This is something we have seen a lot of recently, with many incidents coming to mind. Two of these incidents however come from the same player, that player being Nick Cousins. Many people in the hockey community have been very upset by these plays and the result of them from the NHLPA, as shown by this clip from former Canuck Kevin Bieksa.

As Kevin Bieksa states in this clip, Nick Cousins' recent hits on both Erik Gudbranson and Jason Zucker have been disgusting hits that could have potentially resulted in injury. It's not just the style of the hit that makes fans angry though, but the fact that many of the players who historically used to throw these dirtier hits would answer the bell with whomever would fight for the victim of the hit.

This is not the case with Cousins though, as both times Cousins has turtled while being attacked. Players like this are terrible for the game of hockey, as they commit horrible hits and then play the victim when the retaliation comes. This is a newer breed of hockey player, and one that definitely deserves to be punished for the infractions they make.
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Kevin Bieksa Calls Out Panthers player For Being a Rat

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