PK Subban Calls out The Edmonton Oilers Collectively

Published October 15, 2023 at 10:14 PM

After the Edmonton Oilers lost their regular-season opener 8-1, there are plenty of fingers to point.

As part of their preparation for the season, the team has been holding Captains Skates since September 5th under the motto "Cup Or Bust".

EDMONTON STINKS defensively! It needs to be said!

PK Subban took to X to criticize the Edmonton Oilers' poor defense systems, poor discipline, and lack of accountability from key players.

As the team lost again to the Canucks 4-3, it seems the team needs to re-evaluate their system and if they lack the discipline to follow Coach Woodcroft's instructions.

The Edmonton Oilers' depth makes it impossible for them to defeat the Vancouver Canucks in the regular season, as a supposed contender.

There has been atrocious top-down management, and if they lose the next game there is something seriously wrong.

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PK Subban Calls out The Edmonton Oilers Collectively

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