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This post caused the Edmonton Oilers some controversy regarding the latest geopolitical conflict

Published October 15, 2023 at 5:10 PM

With the conflict in Israel continuing to escalate, the Edmonton Oilers expressed solidarity with Israel. In light of the fact that the team owner, Daryl Katz, is Jewish, it makes sense.

Although Connor McDavid continues to challenge the NHL's erroneous decisions consistently, the team does nothing.

Our hearts & thoughts are with all the families whose children or loved ones have been killed or injured. We all hope & pray for peace.

As a result, many fans do not like the fact that the team sided with the who could be considered the aggressor in the conflict. This conflict began even before the Edmonton Oilers were a team.

However, fans are right to call out the hypocrisy of the team taking this stance while the NHL removes specialty nights, and special warmups, and bans pride tape.

Can't believe I cheer for this disgrace of an ownership/organization. I get that Katz is Jewish but being anti-apartheid is not being anti-Semitic. Might wanna think a little before posting stuff like this

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Okay so the rules are that you can't be political and use rainbow hockey tape to support queer kids but you can stand with an occupying force that's literally committing genocide right now. Noted.

So the NHL is fine with this, but not with supporting LGBTQ+ kids? Some consistency would be nice. But hey, you're the Oilers; that's not in your vocabulary.

In order to resolve this conflict, the Oilers may want to re-evaluate why fans are so angry, re-assess, and figure out ways to push back on the NHL for those fans in the margins of the NHL community.
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This post caused the Edmonton Oilers some controversy regarding the latest geopolitical conflict

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