PK Subban Calls Out Oilers' Terrible Defensive Game

Published October 12, 2023 at 11:29 PM

In the age of technology and social media, former NHL players now have the opportunity to express their thoughts on what transpires in today's NHL games.

PK Subban, the former Montreal Canadiens and New Jersey Devils defenseman took to the internet and shared his honest and direct assessment of how poorly the Oilers played last night against the Vancouver Canucks.

In the past few months and recent weeks, the Oilers were riding high on optimism and had high expectations for this season, hoping it would be the one where they secure their sixth Stanley Cup. General Manager Ken Holland believed that the bulk of the team, 20 of the 23 players, should return for another shot at the championship.

However, last night's game did not unfold as planned. It was a complete drubbing by the struggling Canucks, who are one of the NHL's worst-managed teams. There was no reason for the Oilers, with all their superstar talent, to lose 8-1 to this team.

The defensive core and goaltending were sloppy and, at times, frighteningly bad. Much work remains to be done, and questions will linger throughout the year about whether this defence is capable of taking the Oilers to the next level.
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PK Subban Calls Out Oilers' Terrible Defensive Game

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