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Marc-Andre Fleury nearly got Letang fined over a prank last night

Published December 19, 2023 at 8:45
At 39 years old and with almost 1000 NHL games played, Marc-Andre Fleury has become one of the most beloved goalies and people in hockey. Last night, Fleury returned to Pittsburgh for what may be the last time in his career. Back in 2003, the Penguins drafted Fleury first overall, and he went on to win three Stanley cups and the hearts of the Penguins' players and fans.

So as expected, Fleury had some fun with the opposing Penguins in his final game in Pittsburgh last night. According to the Penguins official Twitter account, Fleury tried to pull a prank on Letang, switching out his helmets during warmup. Letang went for it, but was stopped by the equipment managers who informed him he'd be fined if he wore a different helmet.

It's a hilarious story of the personality of Marc-Andre Fleury, famously one of the most fun and relaxed people in hockey. Even after the game, Penguins head coach Mike Sullivan commented on the great person that Fleury is.

Among all these great stories and comments surrounding Fleury in his final return to where his career began, it was a disappointing storyline to see Minnesota Wild coach John Hynes leave Fleury on the bench tonight, and start Gustavsson instead. Penguins fans, and hockey fans everywhere, were hoping for more of a moment. Unfortunately, Fleury could only leave his mark tonight off the ice, with a little prank like this.
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Marc-Andre Fleury nearly got Letang fined over a prank last night

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