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Stanley Cup Contender looking to trade their starting goalie

Published December 18, 2023 at 5:34 PM
It will come as no surprise that general manager Ken Holland is doing all he can to find goaltending help as the Oilers enter a very busy part of their schedule with many back-to-back situations.

One team in particular that has been rumored as a potential trade partner is the Boston Bruins.

Jason Gregor of the daily face off podcast tweeted out today that there's a strong possibility the Bruins will be looking to move one of their goalies as one of their goaltenders in the AHL, Brandon Bussi has been making noise and are highly motivated to bring him up sooner rather than later.

Gregor also stated it's highly likely a trade would come later in the year if not during the off season but for the right price anything is possible.

Linus Ullmark and Jeremy Swayman have been stellar again this season and have kept the Bruins at the top of the standings in the East and the league.

Most likely target to be traded is Jeremy Swayman as he only has a one year deal this year. He holds a modest $3.475 million in cap space and is 25 years old. He would also fetch a great return on any trade and the Oilers do have assets to send.

Holland certainly has a balancing act on whether to find the short term at a lower cost or go for a long-term solution that will solve the problem for years to come.
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Stanley Cup Contender looking to trade their starting goalie

Will the Oilers make a trade for Jeremy Swayman in 2024?

Yes , He would be a great solution28136 %
No, Boston wont give him up.49964 %
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