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Major update on health of Dylan Larkin after scary injury

Published December 18, 2023 at 4:00 PM
A few weeks ago, Dylan Larkin found himself at the centre of a scrum in which he took a punch to the back of the head. Larkin collapsed on the ice and was motionless on the ground for some time, worrying many fans considering his previous history of head an neck injuries. At that time, it looked like Larkin could miss significant time with the injury.

In great news for Larkin, Red Wings fans, and all hockey fans, the injury wasn't as severe as it looked. Earlier today, the Red Wings activated Larkin off the injured reserve, and expect him back in the lineup tonight, less than two weeks after the injury.

With such a scary injury, where a team captain is down motionless on the ice, all hockey fans pool their concern for the player. Thankfully, he's back and healthy, and can contribute to the Red Wings winning once again.
December 18   |   503 answers
Major update on health of Dylan Larkin after scary injury

Is it right Larkin was cleared to play so quickly?

Yeah, if he's fine he should play13526.8 %
Yes, if the doctors think so22644.9 %
No, it definitely seems to early14228.2 %
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