Bedard celebrates after his recent OT winner.
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Inside Source Claims NHL Players and Coaches are Fed Up with Bedard's Media Coverage

Published December 28, 2023 at 7:37 PM
Connor Bedard's story has been one of the most interesting to follow this season. It's incredibly hard to come into the league as one of the most highly anticipated prospects that the sport has seen in recent memory, on one of the worst teams in the league and exceed expectations.

At the start of the year, it felt like news outlets would cover any story on the kid - to the point where many thought it was way over the top. Sports media pages would cover everything Bedard would do, and the comment sections were always divided between people who were excited to see more about the next rising star, and the group that would often express their displeasure with how much was circling about him. As Emily Kaplan points out on X, this sentiment wasn't only expressed by fans of the sport, but also by NHL coaches and players.

Although this sentiment was expressed early, Bedard has continued to impress time and time again. One of the biggest questions about his game was his size, and how his skills would translate into the NHL. This has proved to be no problem for Connor, as his high level skating and amazing shot has already made him a highlight machine.

Even though he has no supports on his team at the moment, Bedard continues to shock goalies with his surprise releases and fantastic wrist shot. This is shown in the original clip the tweet eluded to, as he is able to walk in and fire the puck right by fellow Connor, Connor Hellebuyck. This is just the most recent of his very impressive goals he has scored this season, showing that he deserves the hype he has built up.

It's wild to hear from an inside source that people around the league are dreading Bedard content, but at the moment, the hype feels warranted. Connor Bedard looks fantastic already, and even though he's no McDavid, he has by far been the most impressive piece of a very underwhelming Blackhawks team. This is just the first of many OT game winners to come, if he continues on the path of excellence he has shown so far.
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Inside Source Claims NHL Players and Coaches are Fed Up with Bedard's Media Coverage

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