Elias Pettersson and William Nylander
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Two superstars on Canadian teams reportedly trying to make a super team

Published December 28, 2023 at 4:15 PM
Earlier today on the Spittin Chiclets podcast, Matt Murley dropped a huge bomb about the potential future of the Chicago Blackhawks, and two superstars who could potentially be headed their way to the windy city to play with Connor Bedard.

In the video they propose two crazy ideas: Chicago signing superstars Elias Pettersson, and William Nylander. I'll go over each individually, and the reasons why I do or don't believe they could happen.

First is Elias Pettersson, the superstar two-way forward of the Vancouver Canucks. Pettersson currently makes a very hefty $7.35M this season, however when you consider his elite play on both offense and defense. Pettersson's offensive talents exploded last year, when he put up 102 points in 80 games. He is currently on pace for 100 points in 82 games, which while worse than his last season is still amazing. Currently the Canucks sit at second overall in the league, and are attempting to make a push for the Stanley cup. This adds some doubt onto rumours of his willingness to leave, as the Canucks are currently tearing up the NHL, and his chemistry with guys like J.T. Miller and Quinn Hughes is amazing. Pettersson is also an RFA at season's end and due for a big pay raise. That means that if they don't extend Pettersson before next season, a team will either be forced to trade for Pettersson and give up a very hefty trade package, or sign him and give the Vancouver Canucks compensation of multiple high round draft picks. Although that would be worth it for any team to take on a contract Pettersson would want, I highly doubt Pettersson is overly eager to leave the Canucks, especially for a team that has no signs of immediately being contenders.

On the other hand however, William Nylander is someone I could see heading to Chicago. The leafs are very capable strapped due to the massive contracts of guys like Matthews, Marner and Tavares, and rumours of Nylander's departure have been numerous for what seems like years now. Nylander, unlike Pettersson, is a UFA after this season. That means if the Leafs can't sign him before July 1st of 2024, he hits the free agency market and can be signed by any team. This is bad news for the Toronto Maple Leafs, as Nylander has played himself into a massive contract this season. Nylander is currently on pace for an unreal 117 points in 82 games. Even though the Leafs will struggle to allocate the money for Nylanders next contract projected at upwards of $10M, the Chicago Blackhawks are one team that have a ton of cap space. They can sign him to the massive contract he wants, and he can play on the wing with the next generational talent in the NHL, Connor Bedard. As of right now there's no way of telling what way this will go, but I find the idea of Nylander heading over to Chicago as a much more likely prospect than Elias Pettersson.
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Two superstars on Canadian teams reportedly trying to make a super team

Who is more likely to head to the Blackhawks for the 2024-25 season?

Elias Pettersson4313.1 %
William Nylander11836 %
Neither are likely to end up in Chicago16750.9 %
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