Holland Hints at Big Trade With Oilers' «Cup or Bust» Mentality

Published September 18, 2023 at 5:56 PM

Ken Holland was recently interviewed by The Athletic, where he discussed expectations for the season. Leon Draisaitl's "Cup Or Bust" statement was discussed but did not seem to phase the Oilers GM.

It would have been reasonable to expect Holland to feel pressure resulting from Draisaitl's comments, however, he didn't.

The GM would go on to say the last two Stanley Cup playoffs, the team faced the Stanley Cup champions of the last two seasons and remained a competitive team.

Thanks to Holland's management, the team would rank 2nd in winning percentage over the last 120 games, just behind Boston, Carolina, and Toronto.

When I came to Edmonton four years ago, I understood quickly that when Connor McDavid's career is in your hands to some degree as a manager, there's a responsibility that comes with that. We've tried to build it up, we're getting better and I think if you want to win a Cup you have to keep being good. Look at Tampa Bay, St. Louis, Washington, Vegas. If you want to win a Cup, you have to keep banging on the door.

Then, he would emphasize the responsibility of managing a team, with a superstar like McDavid. To contend for the Cup, he acknowledged that continuous improvement and exceptional competitiveness are essential.

,» our goal is to legitimately compete for the Stanley Cup and you need veterans to do that.»

He reaffirmed his goal to win a cup by using all the tools at his disposal, including trading a 1st round pick if necessary.

For him, winning a Stanley Cup means assembling and building the best team and finding the best veterans.

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Holland Hints at Big Trade With Oilers' «Cup or Bust» Mentality

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