NHL Promotes Referee Who Faced Abuse Accusations last season

Published September 18, 2023 at 5:17 PM

Michael Bunting's On-Ice Incident leads to promotion?

Last season, something significant happened involving Michael Bunting and an NHL referee. During a dispute on the ice, Bunting got kicked out of the game, and the referee physically guided him off the rink.

NHL's Promotion of Referee Dan Kelly

In an important update, NHL referee Dan Kelly, who was part of this incident, has been given a promotion to a full-time role by the league. It's interesting to note that Kelly had a history with Bunting, having faced him in the AHL prior.

An official statement said,
"Congratulations to NHL referee Dan Kelly, one of three NHL officials promoted to full-time status for the upcoming season."

What makes this promotion even more intriguing is that Kelly was the referee who escorted Bunting off the ice during last season's dispute, adding some history to the situation.

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NHL Promotes Referee Who Faced Abuse Accusations last season

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