Former Maple Leaf thinks Auston Matthews is not being honest with the team

Published August 17, 2023 at 11:57 PM

Since Brad Treliving joined the Toronto Maple Leafs as General Manager, he has clarified that signing Auston Matthews is paramount.

Despite this, Matthews has not been signed as of mid-August.

As Matthews clarified, he intended to carry out the deed after the season.

As players are expected to report to camp in 25 days, neither William Nylander nor Auston Matthews have signed contracts yet.

on Lucas Glover, his chances at the Ryder Cup & the "excitement" to talk about Matthews and Nylander still being without new contracts

However, former Maple Leaf Jeff O'Neill has a different viewpoint, believing Matthews is saying all the right things, but intends to leave if he is not signed by training camp. Despite all the business talk, O'Neill believes it intends to obscure that fact.

As an experienced NHL player, O'Dog asks the right questions based on his experience. Considering how much you love the team and the city, why don't you sign an 8-year contract?

It is unheard of for a player of Matthews' stature to request a shorter-term contract.

It will be a major point of contention for the Maple Leafs if Matthews leaves, as well as a major blow to the team's Stanley Cup hopes. Then where does Matthews play if he doesn't play in Toronto?

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Former Maple Leaf thinks Auston Matthews is not being honest with the team

Where does Matthews sign?

Arizona7051.9 %
LA3324.4 %
Edmonton2115.6 %
Calgary118.1 %
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