BREAKING: Catastrophic passing strikes the hockey community late night

Published August 17, 2023 at 8:45 PM

Rick Jeanneret, the iconic play-by-play voice of the Buffalo Sabres, passed away on Thursday evening at the age of 81, as announced by the team. Known for his energetic style, Jeanneret held the microphone for an impressive 51-year tenure, becoming a beloved figure in the franchise's history.

Jeanneret's enthusiastic calls, particularly during crucial goals and fights, became synonymous with NHL highlights across North America. Fans often echo his famous phrases, including the memorable "May Day, May Day" call when Brad May's overtime goal secured the Sabres' victory in the 1993 Stanley Cup Playoffs, ending a decade-long playoff drought.

Partnered with the esteemed Ted Darling, Jeanneret initially started as a radio analyst during the Sabres' 1971-72 season. He transitioned to television broadcasting in 1995, later engaging in simulcast broadcasts alongside Jim Lorentz, Harry Neale, and Rob Ray in 1997.

In his later years, Jeanneret limited his road game travels, with Dan Dunleavy gradually assuming more play-by-play responsibilities. The 2021-22 NHL season marked his final stint, aptly titled "RJ's Last Call," during which the team showcased highlights throughout the broadcasts. Jeanneret's enduring legacy is etched into the hearts of Sabres fans and the broader hockey community.
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BREAKING: Catastrophic passing strikes the hockey community late night

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