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NHL Analyst Reveals Oilers Plans With Evander Kane and Fans May Not Like it

Published August 17, 2023 at 10:02

The Edmonton Oilers' objective this season is crystal clear: it's Stanley Cup victory or nothing. Approaching Connor McDavid's ninth NHL season, the Oilers are yet to step into the Stanley Cup finals. This season marks the turning point; the Oilers must alter that narrative, or face inevitable changes.

Allan Mitchell of The Athletic suggests that if the Oilers stumble out of the gate, forward Evander Kane could become a trade asset for them. To achieve their goal, the Oilers need a ruthless mentality akin to the approach that led the Vegas Golden Knights to Stanley Cup triumph.

An NHL analyst predicts that should the Oilers encounter a slow start or challenges, they might consider trading Kane.

Allan Mitchell of The Athletic lists F Evander Kane as a potential trade piece for the Edmonton Oilers if he and the team struggle out of the gate this upcoming season.

Despite off-ice concerns, Kane's goal-scoring prowess makes him an attractive prospect, even if a deal proves challenging due to his history.

The season's outcome is yet to unfold, but for the Oilers, this year defines their fate.
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NHL Analyst Reveals Oilers Plans With Evander Kane and Fans May Not Like it

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