Oilers starting goalie the best bargain goalie?

Published August 17, 2023 at 8:04

When constructing an NHL team, general managers consistently prioritize securing a reliable number-one goaltender. This individual is expected to deliver crucial saves during pivotal moments, such as when the team faces dire circumstances.

These situations could arise in a game that has slipped away from the team, and it's the goalie's responsibility to rescue them. This is equally true during a Stanley Cup finals match, where the score is tied at two and the game advances into overtime.

Recently, The Athletic identified five goalies who offer exceptional value based on their contract terms and the results they produce. Notable players on this list include Jake Ottinger of the Dallas Stars, Jussi Saros of the Nashville Predators, Linus Ullmark of the Boston Bruins, and Fillip Gustavson of the Minnesota Wild.

These goaltenders have all demonstrated their excellence for their respective teams. It's worth noting that any NHL team would eagerly pursue the opportunity to acquire them. Nevertheless, I firmly believe that the final goalie mentioned on the list stands out as the ultimate value proposition.

The ascent of Stuart Skinner within the Oilers' ranks signifies a positive development in the team's goaltending depth. This scenario is reminiscent of past instances when an anticipated number-one goalie, like Jack Campbell, encountered mid-season struggles, leading to the emergence of new talent. Despite being an unforeseen turn of events, this decision ultimately yielded positive results for both the team and Skinner.

In a matter of weeks after assuming the role of the number one goaltender, Skinner secured a well-deserved three-year contract extension valued at $2.6 million AAV.

This figure is particularly impressive considering other goaltenders, such as Andrei Vasilevskiy and Sergei Bobrovsky, command annual salaries upwards of $10 million.

Throughout the season, Skinner garnered 48 starts, amassing a record of 29 wins, 14 losses, and 5 ties. His goals-against average stood at 2.75, accompanied by a save percentage of .914.

While his playoff performance didn't match his regular season statistics, it's important to highlight his achievement in leading the team to the second round during his debut year. These numbers unquestionably validate his capability to steer the team toward playoff contention every season he plays.

I concur with The Athletic's evaluation that Stuart Skinner indeed exemplifies a remarkable player in terms of the value he delivers relative to his compensation.

Should the Oilers opt to continue enhancing their defensive lineup to fortify their prospects in prolonged playoff campaigns, Skinner is poised to maintain his solid performance. Adin Hill's perspective on this matter would likely echo these sentiments.
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Oilers starting goalie the best bargain goalie?

Can Stuart Skinner carry the Oilers to the Stanley Cup Finals?

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