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Could a Hurricanes Defenseman Be Heading to the Oilers?

Published August 17, 2023 at 8:04

In the NHL, it's universally acknowledged, whether you're a fan, a general manager, or a player, that defence stands as one of the primary keys to clinching victory. Time and again, teams have demonstrated that even if you possess an abundance of offence, particularly during the initial season – the regular season – the dynamic shifts once the second season commences, commonly known as the playoffs, with defence taking center stage.

The speculation surrounding Brett Pesce of the Carolina Hurricanes and his potential departure from the team over the past several months, particularly during the summer, isn't a secret. General Manager Don Waddell has fielded numerous calls for this defenseman, driven by a desire to find him a new team.

As reported by many sources, the Oilers seem to be in the mix for Pesce, with the possibility of him joining their ranks before the October kick-off of the season.

Pesce, currently seeking a contract extension, will become an unrestricted free agent once this season concludes. In line with common NHL practices, if an agreement isn't reached on a contract extension, the team will explore trading him to salvage any viable assets, particularly valuable cap space.

His cap hit, standing at $4.025 million according to capfriendly.com, could offer a favourable situation for various teams, including the Oilers, who are in need of a defensive upgrade and boast offensive talent to potentially offer in exchange. I believe an offensive player might be the type to head back to the Hurricanes, facilitating a deal.

As the season draws near, I anticipate Pesce's name continuing to surface, especially as the clock ticks down on his quest for a new contract extension.
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Could a Hurricanes Defenseman Be Heading to the Oilers?

Will the Hurricanes move Brett Pesce to the Oilers?

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