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How 1 trade could've changed the entire league

Published August 16, 2023 at 10:12 PM

Instead of being traded for Adam Larsson, there was a point in 2017 where Peter Chiarelli would've made another bad trade 1 for 1, for Taylor Hall.

Taylor Hall was almost traded from Edmonton to Ottawa 1 for 1 in exchange for Cody Ceci.

Senators' ownership nixed the reported deal.

Here are some scenarios that would have played out differently if that trade had happened:

— Ottawa likely wins over Pittsburgh in 2017 (and has a good chance at cup)
— Taylor Hall probably doesn't win Hart in 2018 and instead, Nathan Mackinnon gets it
— New Jersey likely has a stronger draft pick in 2018 (could have gotten Quinn Hughes)
— Ottawa likely doesn't go all-in on Duchene when they have another speedy scorer in Hall - they would keep their 2019 1st round pick (ended up being Bowen Byram)
— Edmonton is just way worse without Adam Larsson - maybe jump up in future drafts (improved chance at Dahlin in 2018)
— Arizona never trades for Taylor Hall, they keep the pick that they traded for him (Ended up being Dawson Mercer)
— Hall likely never goes to Boston (Bruins have way worse odds of setting the points/wins record)

Peter Chiarelli could have made one of the worst moves in Oilers history but Eugene Melnyk saved the day.

Have you ever wondered how different the hockey world would be if Taylor Hall had traded his Oilers jersey for a Senators one? This hypothetical trade could have had significant repercussions throughout the league, reshaping hockey history as we know it. Let's take a closer look at some of the possible outcomes:

1. Changing Playoff and Cup Outcomes

Hall's presence on the Senators' roster could have impacted their playoff performance, potentially altering the outcome of the playoffs and their shot at the Stanley Cup.

2. Altering Trophy Winners

Without Hall on the Oilers roster, the Hart Trophy, awarded to the league's most valuable player, could have found a new recipient.

3. Draft Day Drama

The New Jersey Devils may have found themselves with a different draft pick due to their potentially weaker performance without Hall.

4. The Duchene Dilemma

If Hall were the Senators' speedy scorer, their pursuit of Matt Duchene may have taken a backseat, influencing the Senators to retain their 2019 first-round pick.

5. Edmonton's Alternate Path

Losing Hall in this trade scenario would have meant Edmonton playing without defenseman Adam Larsson, which could have had a butterfly effect on the team's performance.

6. Taylor Hall's Journey

Without the trade to the Arizona Coyotes, Hall's journey takes a different route.

7. Impact on Boston's Record

Hall's eventual stint with the Boston Bruins may have never occurred, potentially affecting the Bruins' odds of setting records for points and wins.

As fans, we can only ponder the endless possibilities that reside in the untrodden paths of hockey history, each decision and move echoing through time, shaping the game we love.
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How 1 trade could've changed the entire league

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