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Concerning news emerges about Evander Kane

Published October 19, 2023 at 6:59

After three games of the new NHL season, the Edmonton Oilers have not performed to meet the expectations of fans, management, and the coaching staff.

Following their disappointing playoff exit against the Vegas Golden Knights in the second round, many anticipated a hunger for redemption, as the bulk of the team returned for another shot at a deep playoff run.

With the season underway, the Oilers had a dismal start, suffering an 8-1 loss to the Vancouver Canucks in the first game. They also lost the second game but managed to secure a 6-1 victory against the Nashville Predators in the third.

Fans have started to notice an emerging issue with first-line winger Evander Kane, who has only recorded three assists since the season began. He was expected to be a top goal scorer while playing alongside Connor McDavid.

Kane recently revealed that he has not fully regained feeling in his hand after a gruesome injury sustained in the Tampa Bay game, where Patrick Maroon accidentally ran over his wrist with his skate. Following emergency surgery, he had to endure months of recovery before he could hold a stick again. This injury essentially cost him the entire season and limited him to just 28 points in total.

With a remaining cap hit of $5.125 million for two more seasons after this one, the Oilers are relying on him to find his scoring touch. The season is still in its early stages, leaving plenty of time for him to regain his form and help the Oilers secure a playoff spot. Fans will eagerly await his return to form.
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Concerning news emerges about Evander Kane

Will Evander Kane regain his form as a goal scorer in the NHL?

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