The Oilers are keeping things fun in the locker room with two new awards

Published October 19, 2023 at 6:58

It was a dismal start for the Edmonton Oilers, going 0-2 until they thrashed the Nashville Predators 6-1.

By winning, the team has dispelled narratives that they're down and out, and also following their record start in last season, going 1-2-0.

«We have not one but TWO post-game awards this year,» The Oilers said on X. «The Painter: to the player who was an artist on the ice, the best offensive performer of the game.

«The Plumber: to the player who did the dirty work, the top defensive performer of the game.»

Mattias Ekholm's return to Bridgestone Arena, his home of 14 years, was special. With just under 20 minutes on ice and a plus/minus of +2, Ekholm would make a great on-ice presence.

Draisaitl surpassed expectations with a two-goal night and two assists for seven points on the season.

As a result, two new awards were introduced in Nashville that celebrate different contributions to the game.

Ekholm is sporting a hilarious toilet plunger in the picture above, while Draisaitl wears a newly minted Beret.

In order to maintain locker-room banter and chemistry, the Oilers choose to mix things up instead of giving just one award to the lone wolf. In the team-building activity, two key players on the squad were recognized, as they should have been.

The Oilers and Jay Woodcroft will take on the Flyers at 5:30 PM MT tomorrow, in hopes they will be able to give them out again.

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The Oilers are keeping things fun in the locker room with two new awards

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