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BREAKING: 8 Notable Players Hit The Free Agent Marked & Teams Will Want to Act Fast

Published August 18, 2023 at 11:55

NHL teams are facing an intriguing situation with a set of new free agents entering the scene. As of 5:00pm ET on Tuesday, a crop of college-drafted players, now unrestricted free agents, have sparked interest. This rule applies to those who've completed four-year university stints.

Here's the lineup of notable prospects ready to explore the market, ranked by their original draft positions:

Jay O'Brien, Philadelphia Flyers (1st Round, No. 19 overall, 2018)
Robert Mastrosimone, Detroit Red Wings (2nd Round, No. 54 overall, 2019)
Jake Wise, Chicago Blackhawks (3rd Round, No. 69 overall, 2018)
John Farinacci, Arizona Coyotes (3rd Round, No. 76 overall, 2019)
Demetrios Koumontzis, Calgary Flames (4th Round, No. 108 overall, 2018)
Kevin Wall, Carolina Hurricanes (6th Round, No. 181 overall, 2019)
Jared Moe, Winnipeg Jets (6th Round, No. 184 overall, 2018)
Ryan O'Connell, Toronto Maple Leafs (7th Round, No. 203 overall, 2017)
The spotlight shines on the top trio as training camps approach. O'Brien notched 70 points in 79 games with Boston University; Mastrosimone's 42 points came from 11 goals and 31 assists with Arizona State University; Wise finished strong with Ohio State University, recording 39 points from 12 goals and 27 assists and earning a spot on the All-Big 10 Second Team.

Bidding for these players' services commences in a week's time, starting on Tuesday, August 22nd.

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BREAKING: 8 Notable Players Hit The Free Agent Marked & Teams Will Want to Act Fast

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