BREAKING NEWS - The NHLPA Issues a Major Change Within Their Circle

Published August 18, 2023 at 0:24

As Marty Walsh continues his reforms within the NHLPA, the players' union is undergoing a transformation. Matthieu Schneider, who held the second-highest position at NHLPA, has been removed by Walsh. Walsh, previously the US Secretary of Labor, assumed the role of executive director last year.

Sources reveal that Mathieu Schneider and the #NHLPA have parted ways, marking the end of his 12-year tenure as the second-in-command within the players' union. The decision was initiated by executive director Marty Walsh.

Schneider, a prominent figure within the organization for over a decade, played a pivotal role in shaping important decisions, including rule changes related to boarding and headshots after retiring from his 21-year NHL career in 2010. Schneider notably spent eight seasons with the Montreal Canadiens, amassing an impressive 1,289 games played, 223 goals, and 743 assists. His contributions led to his induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2015.

With these changes, it's clear that more developments lie ahead for the NHLPA under Marty Walsh's leadership.

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BREAKING NEWS - The NHLPA Issues a Major Change Within Their Circle

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