Evander Kane with the Oilers.
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Evander Kane reportedly causing rift in Oilers locker room

Published February 26, 2024 at 6:33 PM

When Evander Kane came to the Edmonton Oilers, it was known that there were some questions as to what kind of teammate he is. Kane's first two seasons with the Oilers went great, but there's been signs of concern this year. Now, on the Got Yer Back Podcast hosted by TSN's Ryan Rishaug, apparently Kane is causing problems in the locker room by being upset with third line minutes, and not getting along with Leon Draisaitl.

We've seen that Kane hasn't been happy when he's been on the third line. I don't think there's a chemistry between him and Leon right now. I know that you watch body language and you watch the bench a lot, there was a very animated conversation two games ago between Kane and Leon on the bench.

These troubles on the bench and in the dressing room are coming at the worst possible time for the Oilers as they are looking to settle their position for the playoffs. With a cap hit over 5 million dollars and his play dwindling, it's vital that Kane gets his groove back and be the player they signed for when he arrived from the Sharks.

Many have begun to state he needs to be traded, and on the surface that could be a solution, however, with his stock level low and not producing along with a significant cap retention that the Oilers cannot afford, Kane is here to stay and the coaching staff will need to find a way to make it work.
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Evander Kane reportedly causing rift in Oilers locker room

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