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Connor McDavid says he'll never score again now in nine game slump

Published February 26, 2024 at 5:33 PM

The Edmonton Oilers are on a three game losing streak, and some frustration is beginning to seep into the room. Even Connor McDavid is going through a prolonged slump in his own way. In his last nine games, McDavid has an incredible 21 assists, but zero goals. When asked about it at practice today, McDavid joked that he's going to stop shooting, and never score again.

I've decided I'm just going to see how many assists I can get. That's the focus. I'm not going to shoot the puck anymore. I'm not going to score any more goals.

It was a lighthearted comment from the Oilers captain, who can't be too stressed about his lack of goal scoring while he's piling up the assists. Still, it's great to see him relaxed and joking about the scoring slump rather than dwell negatively on it.

It's also kind of an interesting comment as MVP debates rage on whether goal scoring is inherently more valuable than assists. Some are arguing in favour of Matthews winning the MVP this year for his torrid scoring pace, but others argue that his lack of assists shows he isn't making the players around him better. McDavid, even in his joking comments, may have cemented himself on one side of the MVP debate, siding with the assists.
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Connor McDavid says he'll never score again now in nine game slump

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