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Zach Hyman speaks out once again after threats against his high school

Published December 14, 2023 at 8:16
Since entering the NHL with the Toronto Maple Leafs, Zach Hyman quickly developed a reputation for being one of the most hard-working, consistent, and talented players in hockey. When Hyman signed in Edmonton in 2021, he began to come into his own too, as a leader on and off the ice.

With the conflict continuing in the Middle East, Hyman is dealing with something horrible and deeply personal - antisemitism. Now as a prominent Jewish NHL player, Hyman has a platform, and he's using it to address a terrifying situation in his hometown.

Recently, two bomb threats have been made at Hyman's former Jewish high school, and this gross act of antisemitism undoubtedly touched Hyman. Yesterday, Hyman once again commented on these threats, and spoke out against antisemitism entirely.

It's awful that the situation would come to a point for him to comment on this, but the fact that Hyman is taking the issue head-on, addressing it, and pleading for others to be better is a great show of leadership. Both on and off the ice for the Oilers, Hyman is an incredible player and person for the organization, and these brave recent comments reaffirm his reputation as one of the best in the NHL.
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Zach Hyman speaks out once again after threats against his high school

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