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Oilers will soon gain huge advantage that could change their year

Published December 19, 2023 at 7:51 PM
As the month of December and the year of 2023 draws to a close it seems the Oilers will be facing a much lighter schedule coming into the new year for the month of January.

The team will only be play 11 times throughout the month which will give them a chance to evaluate their team and make decisions on how to go forward.

This is according to Jason Gregor of the Jason Gregor show.

Only having to face one team in the top ten of the NHL which is the Toronto Maple Leafs and playing three games out of 11 that are in a playoff spot, gives Holland a chance to breathe along with the players to heal from their wounds as they prepare for the final stretch of the season.

This will also give the Oilers more leverage in trades coming in March since contracts for players will be less valued and would cost less than cap space.

In my opinion the priority one for the Oilers is trading for a new goaltender who will give Stuart Skinner relief as they will be playing 35 games from the month of February till the end of the season in April with eight back-to-back games during that stretch.

Fascinating times ahead for the Oilers and their organization.
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Oilers will soon gain huge advantage that could change their year

Will Ken Holland trade for a goalie before February ?

Yes, He has to or Skinner will turn to dust53267.7 %
No, He will wait as long as they win.25432.3 %
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