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Gary Bettman sells out the fans again with brutal new sponsorship deal

Published December 19, 2023 at 6:50 PM
The NHL always looks for ways to expand their war chest of money as the league continues to grow throughout North America. It has become a major player amongst the other pro sports leagues like the NFL and MLB.

Today it was announced that BetMGM has signed a multi year extension with the NHS it hopes to continue to grow the game and their coffers.

This agreement will be focused heavily on sponsored branding and team branding throughout their casinos including fan VIP experiences as well. They will also be seen and visible on televised games during the regular season and the NHL playoffs.

For an industry that's becoming increasingly pervasive in all elements of hockey, especially in broadcasting, this move will only overload fans with more gambling content. The sheer amount of its advertising is staggering, and has to lead credence to the amount of money they make off of losing and addicted bettors. This deal will only overload fans with more betting content, and worsen a growing potential problem in gambling addiction across North America.

Sports betting has become even more popular as NHL players have begun putting their faces to other organizations like Auston Matthews of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Bet99.ca.

Another factor is the inclusion up the Vegas Golden Knights and the city of Las Vegas into the NHL which is surrounded by betting as it's the North American hub for casinos and gambling.

It's safe to say the NHL owners are quite happy today.
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Gary Bettman sells out the fans again with brutal new sponsorship deal

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