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Darnell Nurse explains the differences in the Oilers since coaching change

Published December 29, 2023 at 10:11
When the Oilers played the San Jose Sharks last night, it was an opportunity to reflect on the last time the two teams met. On November 9th the Oilers lost 3-2 to the Sharks, and it arguably cost Jay Woodcroft his job. The team was completely lost, working in a defensive system that didn't suit them and unable to buy a save from their goaltending. Now that game can be viewed as a turning point for their season as the team made the coaching change to bring in Kris Knoblauch.

After last night's blowout of the Sharks by a score of 5-0, Darnell Nurse was asked if the team was thinking about their last game against San Jose, and how the team has changed since then.

Nurse clearly admits the team was thinking about their last loss to San Jose, but now look back on it as a clear turning point.

It's interesting to hear a player admit so candidly how low the team felt after that game and with the firing of Jay Woodcroft. Clearly the team has used that game and the coaching change itself as a wake-up call. Coach Knoblauch and his new staff have clearly implemented new systems of play for the team, but it still feels like only a jolt was needed to get the team going - and Nurse supports that in his comments.

With the elite talent they have, the Oilers should be able to make up the difference and make the playoffs despite their historically bad start. After coming into the season with Stanley Cup aspirations this may not have been the beginning they planned, but they still have the belief they can battle back.
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Darnell Nurse explains the differences in the Oilers since coaching change

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