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Connor McDavid takes a shot at TV personality for gambling ads

Published January 1, 2024 at 9:19
A few days ago, new video was released of the Oilers' Connor McDavid and Darnell Nurse linking up with Cabbie Richards of TSN for a classic edition of Cabbie VS, where the players get a little more personal in interviews as they compete in small competitions.

Cabbie was well renowned for years for this type of content before he turned his career to focus more on gambling, and Connor McDavid immediately met him with some chirps hinting towards Cabbie selling out. The comment was all in jest and shows how close McDavid and Cabbie actually are, but there was definitely truth to the statement.

When meeting up with Cabbie, the Oilers first competed in a hockey immaculate grid, guessing NHL players who had played for a certain combination of teams. It brought one great moment where McDavid guessed a lesser known veteran in Benoit Pouliot, to his own shock and surprise.

After the immaculate grid, the three competed in a football-bowling combination sport. Cabbie struggled with only two pins knocked down, but then to no surprise, McDavid cleaned up the competition with eight.

With the pressure on Darnell Nurse to knock down as many as he could for the win, he instead botched both throws and ended below Cabbie in the competition.

It was a fantastic and old-school return to the hilarity and competition of the old Cabbie VS content. Even so far removed from his prime days on TSN, it's clear the players still have a respect and excitement around Cabbie, even the famously guarded Connor McDavid.
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Connor McDavid takes a shot at TV personality for gambling ads

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