Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper
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Panthers owner shows blatant disrespect to fans from box seats

Published December 31, 2023 at 6:41 PM
Although it isn't hockey, most fans can relate to having some contempt for the owner of their team, especially when they aren't competitive. Today during a Carolina Panthers NFL game, some emotions boiled over from the owner of the team and his anger with the fans.

As the team lost yet another game to bring their record down to 2-14, Panthers' owner David Tepper must've been hearing some jeers from the crowd when he appeared to toss a drink at some nearby fans. Take a look at the video below.

It's absolutely wild to see this level of disrespect towards the fans from the owner of the team, and could seriously hurt the team's relationship with their fanbase - especially when they're already having a terrible year.

This will absolutely be a story to watch, to see if either Tepper will release a formal apology or the fans will band together in protest of the owner.
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Panthers owner shows blatant disrespect to fans from box seats

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