The LA Kings Make a Huge Gesture For The Oilers Biggest Fan

Published May 2, 2023 at 9:33 PM
The Edmonton Oilers played Los Angeles Kings and this has been an emotional series for all people involved, including the fans.

However, one fan made the trip to see the Edmonton Oilers for Game 3 in Los Angeles. However, Cecily Eklund was a victim of injustice, as she was spit on and as a beneficiary of the Ben Stelter Fund, she was harassed by Kings fans, imagine that a 9-year-old harassed and spit on, cursed at by grown adults. The cancer survivor deserves better.

However unbecoming these Kings fans are, the team is much, much different.

The Los Angeles Kings have reached out to Cecily and her family to welcome her back to Los Angeles for Game 6, in hopes for her to enjoy a better experience than her previous experience during Game 3.

«There was a fight just two rows in front of Cecily, she was spit on, sworn at,» said Eklund.

«It wasn't the best experience, but it's also very important to remember that a couple of fans don't represent the whole fanbase.»

Eklund, the cancer survivor is a creative kid who has raised $100,00.00 for children with cancer. A testament to her ingenuity and will to be able to raise that kind of cash.

The Kings did Cecily right and show the kind of respect, we wish those fans had for her.
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