Gary Bettman announces major change to the salary cap

Published December 4, 2023 at 9:16 PM
Earlier this afternoon, NHL insider Elliotte Friedman broke massive news about the future of the salary cap. According the report, the salary cap will jump to $87.675 Million.

That's a much more significant increase to the salary cap than the NHL has seen in recent years. Through the pandemic and afterwards, an increase of $1M was the standard, so to see an increase of over $4M next season is extremely encouraging.

Evidently, the league is going to begin seeing the financial benefits of the recent expansion franchises, and the NHL as a league seems to be stable and growing. For teams, analysts, and fans, this means more available money to sign players - directly impacting the game for the better.

Hopefully, some of the cap-strapped contending teams can find relief from this significant increase by retaining their current talent, and adding some more to fill out their rosters.
December 4   |   168 answers
Gary Bettman announces major change to the salary cap

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No, teams need the cap to remain equals3118.5 %
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