Anna Kane takes a shot at Oilers fans and reveals big news incoming

Published December 4, 2023 at 7:02 PM
From the time the Oilers were able to acquire Evander Kane, everybody was well aware of the personal allegations and overall baggage around his personal life. Particularly, Evander's ex-wife Anna Kane has been extremely vocal in her allegations against Kane.

Anna Kane has consistently recounted her allegations and updated legal proceedings against Evander on her Instagram story. Recently she's hinted at a big development in the legal proceedings, and by the tone of the post, they're seemingly heading in her favour.


The main topic of her recent posts have been towards the custody of her child with Evander. This post could likely be a hint towards upcoming changes to the current custody agreement, granting her some ability to see the child.

On top of that, Anna Kane has been targeted by some Oilers fans for her allegations against Evander. This has resulted in an incredibly unorthodox rivalry between Anna Kane and Oilers fans, going so far as leading Anna to call out the fans in memes like this one consistently.


Surely enough, Anna herself will update the public with the details of the legal proceedings as it becomes available, all on her personal Instagram.
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Anna Kane takes a shot at Oilers fans and reveals big news incoming

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