Tyson Barrie with the Predators
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Tyson Barrie linked to Oilers division rival in trade

Published March 6, 2024 at 2:19 PM

Heading up to the trade deadline this season, the Nashville Predators were expected to sell off assets. Instead, the team has gone on an incredible run lately, and will now try to make the playoffs instead. However, the Predators are still expected to move defenceman Tyson Barrie this week after he requested a trade earlier this year.

The former Oilers defenceman requested a trade out of Nashville earlier this year when the team began to make him a healthy scratch. Barrie was public with how unhappy he was about it, and GM Barry Trotz allowed Barrie and his agent to explore trades. It appears the Calgary Flames are looking at bringing in Barrie as a veteran defenceman to help out for the rest of the season because they've traded multiple players.

Barrie has played 35 games with Nashville this season, scoring just one goal and 12 points, along with abysmal defensive play that's earned him a -10 rating. He's owed $4.5M in salary until the end of this year, when the 32 year old will become a free agent. In a radio interview in Nashville earlier this season, Predators GM Barry Trotz disparaged Barrie leaking his trade request, his poor defensive play, and his attitude towards the healthy scratch.

Tyson's game hasn't translated as well as we had liked with [the Predators] this year. The other night, when [Barrie] was healthy scratcheddifferent players react differently; I didn't like the way he reacted to it. Very disappointed [the trade request] got out because there is only about four people in the world that know about any conversation about anything, and somehow it got out, so I'm very disappointed in that process, and it didn't come from the Preds, I do know that.
-Predators GM Barry Trotz

Needless to say, with those comments from the GM, Barrie isn't likely to be on the playoff roster for the Nashville Predators. With Barrie's struggles in recent years, it's hard to imagine if his NHL career will continue past this offseason in free agency, unless Calgary wants to bring in Barrie for the rest of their roster re-tool.
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Tyson Barrie linked to Oilers division rival in trade

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