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Mitch Marner accused of hiring security personnel to harass reporters

Published May 7, 2024 at 7:15 PM

Mitch Marner is having an awful few days after being eliminated from the playoffs with his hometown Maple Leafs. He once again was a ghost in the playoffs, proving the moment was too big for him - and now some troubling accusations are coming to light.

On a recent episode of the Leaf Report podcast, James Mirtle of the Athletic accused Marner and his representatives of hiring personal security members to harass media members.

»Regular season, he's been a great, great player, and I think we've written that. But there's such a sensitivity there. And, so you hear about all these feuds going on, and you hear about he's got private security people that harrass media people, and there's just, there's really weird stuff that's going on."

After 7 first round exits in the last 8 years, the Leafs core four have simply proven that they aren't capable of winning together, and for multiple reasons, Marner is emerging as the most problem character. He simply can not elevate his game in the playoffs, with only 6 goals in his last 37 games, and never once living up to his $10.9M salary. Now with these accusations coming out about his character and representation, it's hard to see how Marner could continue in this city.

The Maple Leafs may be preparing to move off Mitch Marner

It's an incredible fall from grace for a player who had such promise. Playing for his hometown team, he demanded all the money possible and never delivered on the expectations that money brings. Now, going after others in the Toronto market - nobody has much positive to say about Marner anymore. Fun regular season player. Not a player you can win with, and not a player you build a team around. Even on the bench in this year's playoffs, the Leafs looked like they were arguing with Marner personally.

More than ever, the Maple Leafs and their fans are ready for real change with this organization. There's an expectation that the core four will be blown up, and with a revelation like this, Marner is continually showing that maybe he should be traded.
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Mitch Marner accused of hiring security personnel to harass reporters

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