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Ottawa Senators shopping Brady Tkachuk in trade

Published February 25, 2024 at 11:10

With the perennial terrible performance of the Ottawa Senators, views on the team have been incredibly mixed on how they should handle their future. Some say they should continue to try and contend, and this team should be able to turn it around with just a few more pieces.

With the shifting tides in the NHL, the senators may be one team that gets stuck getting swept under the playoff rug. People have already started speculation that it might be time to sell off their best players and gain more assets, which would signal an insane failure of the last 5 years.

On X, Ryan Whitney reveals that the Senators might have a huge deal being worked on in the background that could signify a clear direction from GM Steve Staios.

Whitney states that the Senators are working on a deal with a team currently and more importantly that there may be some interest in capitalizing on Brady Tkachuk's massive value while they attempt to jumpstart a rebuild.

Brady Tkachuk holds a cap hit of 8.2M until 2027-28, which would seriously impede the ability of Ottawa to get a deal like this done. Brady Tkachuk would bring back a huge haul for Ottawa if they can find a partner, as he would be a needed addition to almost any team.

The question is if Ottawa is willing to part with Brady, as heading towards a rebuild is never a thing any franchise wants to do. It can seriously impact revenue from ticket sales, and selling off star players like their captain could rub a lot of Senators fans the wrong way.
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Ottawa Senators shopping Brady Tkachuk in trade

Do you think the Senators would move Tkachuk if they found a partner?

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