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Oilers after a loss
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Analyst identifies serious growing problem for Edmonton Oilers

Published February 24, 2024 at 8:55 PM

In recent weeks now, the Oilers have been coming down from their historic 16 game winning streak. Some old problems are beginning to read their head, namely with their team goaltending dipping below a .900 save percentage this month. However, one new unique problem seems to be plaguing the Oilers - extremely poor play in the second period. Tyler Yaremchuk addressed this issue on OilersNation today.

In the last two games against the Boston Bruins and Minnesota Wild, the Oilers have come out and seriously struggled in the second period, allowing multiple goal deficits. It could have something to do with the long change that only occurs in the second period, where like changes can become more volatile. Oilers coach Knoblauch may have recognized that and played his slower players much less in the second period. Derek Ryan actually only logged one minute of ice in the second period last night.

After last night's game, Oilers captain Connor McDavid admitted that there has been lulls in focus and effort at the beginning of the second period, and perhaps leading to getting caught on the long change too often.

Obviously, to be a true Stanley Cup contender and to beat Cup Contending teams, a full 60 minute effort is required. The slightest lapses in hockey can completely derail a game, something Oilers fans know pretty well from seeing poor goaltending for years. This little lapse in the second period needs to be addressed by both the team and coach to fix this, and get back to dominating full games.
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Analyst identifies serious growing problem for Edmonton Oilers

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