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ESPN broadcast fails massively and cuts away from game in last seconds

Published May 8, 2024 at 6:01

This series between the Rangers and Hurricanes is only two games in, but it has been absolutely amazing so far. Two incredibly close one goal games, lots of physicality, amazing goaltending and high-powered offence from both sides. Last night's game is being highly regarded online, as a lot of people are calling it one of the best games they've seen. Hilariously, when this game was at its most tense is when the broadcast team at ESPN actually decided to cut away to show a Dallas-Colorado game that hadn't even started yet.

This is such a crazy screw up, as they cut away in the final minute of the third period with the game tied and the Rangers on the powerplay. When the stakes are the highest is when they made the worst possible error they could have, leaving fans in the dark as to what happened until they saw the game go to OT. This was such a big mistake that even guys like Ryan Whitney had to keep it real about how terrible it was.

It's always funny to see network mess ups like this, especially it's a big time company like ESPN. Luckily, the game went to OT and both teams continued to put on a show. Both Shesterkin and Andersen played fantastically and the offences were on point for both teams, but Vincent Trocheck ended up taking the game with a beautiful five-hole finish off a rebound on the powerplay. Trocheck and the Rangers have been fantastic this year and look to be a force to be reckoned with, going up 2-0 over the Stanley Cup contender Hurricanes. This series has been so great to watch so far, and looks to only get better the longer it goes on.
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ESPN broadcast fails massively and cuts away from game in last seconds

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