Tom Wilson high sticking Noah Gregor
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Tom Wilson looking at massive suspension with in-person hearing from the league

Published March 21, 2024 at 11:19

In last night's game between the Leafs and the Capitals, things really hit the fan for both teams. The Capitals were completely outmatched and looked defeated against the Leafs, proving why selling was a good decision for them this year.

Tom Wilson is one name who has been surprisingly out of the spotlight as he has historically been known for cheap shots and many rule infractions. The anger from his team's performance was clearly getting to him, as he takes out his frustration from a poor season on Noah Gregor's face.

This is a blatant intent to injure, as there is no excuse for swinging your stick straight into a player's face when they don't even possess the puck. The league thankfully is taking this very seriously, as news comes out today from the Department of Player Safety that this could be a very serious suspension.

In a time where criticism of the Department of Player Safety is at an all-time high, they seem to be on track to correcting their image. An in-person hearing means that Wilson will automatically have a suspension of 5 games or more. Wilson is a repeat offender, which may have an impact on their decision.

If the league can continue to take player safety seriously, this could be a turning point in the effectivity of the Department. It'll be very interesting to watch where this suspension goes, as they look to set precedence to deter any future offenders.
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Tom Wilson looking at massive suspension with in-person hearing from the league

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