Ottawa Senators captain celebrates with teammates after scoring an overtime goal.
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Tkachuk completes hat trick in overtime to crush playoffs hopes for New York

Published March 16, 2024 at 1:56 PM

Moments ago in today's Ottawa Senators game, the Senators continued their annual tradition of finally finding success after a failed year only to spoil other teams. Today the Senators took on the Islanders in a critical game for the standings, and Tkachuck scored the overtime winner, making Bo Horvat and the Islanders visibly gutted.

Horvat himself was instrumental in the final moments of the game. Horvat tied the game with just seconds left to send the game to overtime, but then took a penalty in overtime which led to the loss. On his way to the box, Horvat destroyed his stick in frustration. Just after potentially saving the Islanders' season, Horvat's penalty might've sunk them.

Patrick Roy on the bench clearly knew how important the game was for the standings, and was literally taken aback by the game winning goal.

With the Red Wings win taking them back into a playoff spot today, the Islanders fall one point out of a playoff spot with just 16 games left in the year. The next few weeks will be full of intense matchups with significant effects on making the playoffs. Get ready hockey fans, it's the best time of the year.
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Tkachuk completes hat trick in overtime to crush playoffs hopes for New York

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