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Fleury with the Wild
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Marc Andre Fleury speaks on potential trade at the deadline

Published February 26, 2024 at 9:27

At 39 years old, Marc Andre Fleury is still one of the premier goalies around the NHL. With the Minnesota Wild struggling to secure a playoff spot, many have speculated that the team and Fleury would be open to a trade. In a recent interview with the Athletic, Fleury opened up about a potential trade this season.

If we were last in the conference, maybe it'd be a little bit different. But this is my team. We've been battling together, right? I take pride in winning with this team. I want us to make the playoffs.

Fleury full on squashed any notion that he would waive his no move clause with these comments. It's commendable that Fleury is choosing to stick with his teammates in what could be the final year of his career, and risk his streak of making the playoffs for 17 straight years.

In recent months and weeks, Fleury had been connected to several teams checking in on goaltending at this trade deadline. Several elite goalies are available, and many contending teams are looking to shore up their goaltending - including the Edmonton Oilers.

Fleury had been linked to the Oilers in recent weeks, if they decided to acquire a tandem goalie and some starting goalie insurance for the playoffs. Fleury was likely the best fit for the Oilers for a goalie at the deadline, so now that this option is off the table, they likely continue looking for forwards and defence.

Fleury's having a bit of a down year in what's likely the last of his career. In 28 games, he's posted a 2.92 GAA and .899 save percentage. Right now, the Wild are four points out of a playoff spot with just 22 games left in the regular season.
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Marc Andre Fleury speaks on potential trade at the deadline

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