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Maple Leafs break protocol that indicates they're blowing roster up

Published May 5, 2024 at 6:56 PM

The morning after the first round has become an NHL tradition to eulogize the Toronto Maple Leafs. After winning only 1 playoff series in 8 years, the forever-choking Leafs are finally making changes.

Tomorrow morning, the Maple Leafs will hold their locker room clean out media day for their players and coach Sheldon Keefe. However, management will speak later than they usually do, and the Leafs seemed deliberately vague about saying management.

Immediately, this looks like Sheldon Keefe doesn't have a future with this team by speaking separately from the rest of management, and his own bizarre post game comments. Additionally, ‘management' is more vague in the past than specifically mentioning the staff, which leads to more speculation that Brendan Shanahan may also be on his way out.

Another failed season for the Maple Leafs may actually produce some real consequences in the coming days. MLSE ownership has now shifted their attitude, and are no longer tolerating the repeated failure of the team. Kyle Dubas was the first domino to fall, but now there are signs that the Maple Leafs are coming to an end of an era.
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Maple Leafs break protocol that indicates they're blowing roster up

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