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Oilers fans react to Connor McDavid shutting up reporter Mark Spector

Published May 5, 2024 at 2:47 PM

There has been times where the Oilers roster had some tension with the Edmonton media. When the Oilers faceplanted to start this season, the media was all over them. Now, Mark Spector tried to drudge that failure back up, and Connor McDavid called him out.

»You know, you guys went in there feeling like you're gonna have a good season and it just went sideways in a hurry. How's that happen, what do you think?»
-Mark Spector

»That was so long ago. Yeah, I'm not even gonna answer that, it was so long ago. Yeah.»
-Connor McDavid

Mark Spector is often one of the Oilers reporters at the center of controversy and even drawing some flak from the team. In fact, sometimes Spector asks questions so bad, it might actually unite the team a bit behind a common cause. Multiple times in recent years, Oilers have called out Spector for these inflammatory and unproductive questions.

In the first round of the playoffs, Spector called out Evander Kane for causing too much drama around the team. Kane came out and played his best game of the series, and then called out Spector post game. Last year, former Oiler Klim Kostin fully said to Spector that his questions aren't great, and even the fans aren't happy with him.

Plenty of Oilers fans joined in with Connor's sentiment, agreeing with the team that Spector sometimes can cause more harm than good with some questionable questions.

Of course, nothing will come of this, and Spector will still be following the team as a lead Sportsnet reporter. Spector can admit his mistakes and apologize, but sometimes just goes too far in trying to stir up drama directly from the players. The only thing the Oilers can do is just as McDavid did here - have the confidence and wherewithal to deny certain questions.
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Oilers fans react to Connor McDavid shutting up reporter Mark Spector

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