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Why the Oilers are Canada's real team in this year's playoffs

Published May 5, 2024 at 1:32 PM

At the start of the playoffs, ending the over 30 year cup drought for a Canadian team was something that was on every Canadian fan's mind. With the Jets and Leafs choking in the first round, only the Oilers and the Canucks are left to represent Canada in the playoffs. These teams are going to dual it out in the second round and the winner will go through en route to the Stanley cup.

There have been tons of heavyweight Canadian contenders and it really feels like this could be a great year for the Oilers. If they can find a way to beat the Canucks despite ending up 0-4 against them this year, they definitely seem like they have a decent shot. Canadians will be cheering for them not only as the last Canadian team left, but also as a team whose players proudly represent Canada themselves.

It's insane to see how many Canadians are on the Oilers, as they only have 4 players of other nationalities. They of course lead the league in Canadian skaters on the team. Most of these players are also huge difference makers, or are players who have been playing at their best during playoffs.

Any Canadian hockey fan would be happy to see the Oilers win the cup and break the streak of the cup staying in America, as it would show Bettman that Canada is a great market for hockey. When people start to doubt if Canadian cities are big enough or rich enough to support hockey, nothing would be better than to see a Canadian team packed with Canadians to lift the cup.
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Why the Oilers are Canada's real team in this year's playoffs

Do you think the Stanley cup will be won by a Canadian team?

Yea, Oilers look like it's their year12378.3 %
Yes, Canucks could show up95.7 %
No, neither of these teams can do it2515.9 %
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