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Major developments made on two NHL expansion teams

Published March 1, 2024 at 5:01 PM

Moments ago, NHL insider David Pagnotta dropped a bombshell report on the league's progress with their next expansion teams. According to Pagnotta, significant progress is being made for a team in Utah, and also a return to Atlanta.

In recent months, Atlanta has been moving forward with a proposed arena and entertainment district that's contingent on having an NHL tenant. The league is very interested in a return to Atlanta, but first, it seems likely they'll move to Utah.

With the Arizona Coyotes flailing without an arena, with significant financial and organization issues, and in the bottom of the standings once again - it seems like it's finally time the NHL is going to relocate the Coyotes. Arizona still doesn't have a concrete plan to establish a permanent home outside Arizona State University, and Utah is waiting with a newly constructed NHL quality arena and ownership willing to build a team. In recent weeks, discussions of moving the Coyotes to Utah this offseason have begun to seriously heat up.

It's incredible to see the NHL expand with such fervour as they have in recent years. With the addition of two more franchises coming in a few years or sooner, and also considering Vegas and Seattle, the NHL is expanding faster than any other major sports league at the moment. For fans, it's exciting to watch and keep track of the next NHL cities.
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Major developments made on two NHL expansion teams

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