Flames goalie Jacob Markstrom
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Flames goaltender Markstrom calls out the GM for how they've handled trade deadline

Published March 1, 2024 at 12:32

The Calgary Flames have been the center of this year's NHL trade deadline. The Flames were intent on selling and re-tooling their roster early this season, and began by trading Nikita Zadorov. Since then the Flames have gone on selling, trading Tanev, and they were even close to trading goalie Jacob Markstrom to the Devils. When asked about how the team has handled the trade deadline, Markstrom called out Conroy saying it could've been handled better.

The whole situation and everything, am I happy about that? No, I'm not. And I think it could've been handled a lot different from up top.

Markstrom was being asked about how the Flames have handled the offloading of players this year, and in particular about reports that he agreed to waive his no move clause to New Jersey for a trade that fell through. It's obvious that Markstrom is clearly frustrated about the uncertainty of his future in Calgary, and being out of the playoffs, and it's unbelievable to see a player call out his rookie General Manager.

Now a few weeks after the Markstrom to New Jersey fell through, and the Tamev to Dallas trade has been finalized, Flames management is now saying they don't want to trade Markstrom and send the wrong message to the players - which is unbelievable, because they've already traded everyone else.

Markstrom did say as well that the players in the locker room have handled it well and persisted, which has been apparent in their recent string of success, but it's clear that this team is headed to the basement of the standings for the next few seasons. As a veteran player like Markstrom, it's tough to see other players go to contending teams and be left uncertain about your future on a non-playoff team. If he wants a trade, it's likely the Flames will have to accommodate him and send him off.
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Flames goaltender Markstrom calls out the GM for how they've handled trade deadline

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