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Gary Bettman in Winnipeg
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Gary Bettman has a harsh message for Winnipeg Jets fans

Published February 28, 2024 at 9:55

It's no secret that NHL commissioner Gary Bettman is likely the least liked commissioner in all pro sports. Over the past 30 years, he has been in the crosshairs of Canadian NHL fans as two of their teams had left during his tenure and the Cup has not been raised in Canada since his start as the boss.

It was announced a few weeks back that Bettman was going to stop in Winnipeg to have a chat with True North Sports Entertainment as ticket sales and season ticket sales have been dipping for the past several months.

This sparked all kinds of speculation across the city and the fan base on what this means for the franchise as they're having another great season.

With the inflation crisis still in effect across the country, this has affected the smaller markets including Winnipeg on a big scale. Many fans do not have extra income to spend on tickets, food, parking and other expenses to watch the Jets. It seemed a little insensitive for him to tell the fans to get over their anxiety as many are trying to put food on the table.

It remains to be seen on whether the market will rebound. The Jets are holding and playing great hockey now and are likely to go deep in the playoffs Which True North hopes will spur better ticket sales. However, it's likely that prices will continue to rise for those games which could see a further drop in fans.
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Gary Bettman has a harsh message for Winnipeg Jets fans

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