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Nick Cousins embarrasses himself yet again with brutal dive

Published February 27, 2024 at 7:17 PM

If you've paid attention to league-wide news this year, you've definitely heard about Nick Cousins of the Florida Panthers this year. He's been newsworthy due to some of his childish shenanigans this season.

First came his terrible hit against Erik Gudbranson, where Gudbranson would shortly retaliate against Cousins as it was his second poor hit of the game. Cousins would turtle while Gudbranson was going at him and end up looking like a total loser. Cousins would then continue his streak of cheap hits with a hit on Coyotes' Valimaki, and would draw retaliation from Jason Zucker, where he would shy away after a bad hit yet again.

Tonight against the Buffalo Sabres Cousins makes it very hard to deny his awful reputation as he takes an insane dive after a confrontation with Jordan Greenway.

This is absolutely embarrassing to watch, and is a mockery of sportsmanship. Cousins clearly barely gets tapped in the head by Greenway's glove and drops to the ground like he's just been shot, then turtles as if anyone is going to jump him. He then realizes no one is interested in him and jumps in to the fight, mere seconds after pretending to be severely injured.

Nick Cousins has been the embodiment of a pest for years now, as he has just been growing his reputation for giving terrible hits and not being able to take one. Everytime he gets physical he risks hurting the player that he is hitting, but can't even stand up for himself after attempts to injure others. This kind of play has 0 place in hockey, and has made Nick Cousins a very popular player to hate.
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Nick Cousins embarrasses himself yet again with brutal dive

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