John Tortorella doing a press conference.
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Flyers' Tortorella storms out of press conference after one question

Published March 24, 2024 at 8:36 PM

Flyers coach John Tortorella has a reputation for being hot headed, and tonight he lived up to it by storming out of his post game press conference after one question.

The first question Tortorella faced was asking his thoughts on goaltender Felix Sandstrom's performance - who allowed 3 goals on just 14 shots. The Flyers played a fantastic game and lost, and Tortorella clearly couldn't even contain his anger for the goaltending that sunk them.

Tortorella literally had no words in his press conference, only slamming his hands on the table as if to say «obviously» to Sanderstrom's struggles. It was less than 30 seconds before Tortorella stormed out.

This isn't a great run now for Tortorella, who had an incident just weeks ago where he refused to leave after being ejected, resulting in a five game suspension and $50K fine. Clearly being in the middle of the playoff hunt with the over-performing Flyers team has brought Torts right back to his old highly intense displays.

The Flyers goaltending has been in a precarious state since losing their starter Carter Hart, but surprisingly Samuel Ersson has been able to keep the team afloat in a playoff spot. He definitely needs some rest after playing many of the Flyers games, and Sandstrom clearly just isn't cutting it - and it's gotten to Tortorella. Knowing how his teams operate, it wouldn't be surprising to see the Flyers call up any goalie from the minors in the next few days. It's needed now that Sandstrom's clearly lost the trust of the coach.
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Flyers' Tortorella storms out of press conference after one question

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